Sonic Boom – Kiss Album #19

No. Title Writer(s) Lead Vocals Length
1. Modern Day Delilah Paul Stanley Stanley 3:37
2. Russian Roulette Gene Simmons, Stanley Simmons 4:32
3. Never Enough Stanley, Tommy Thayer Stanley 3:26
4. Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect) Simmons Simmons 3:02
5. Stand Stanley, Simmons Stanley, Simmons 4:50
6. Hot and Cold Simmons Simmons 3:36
7. All for the Glory Stanley, Simmons Singer 3:49
8. Danger Us Stanley Stanley 4:22
9. I’m an Animal Stanley, Simmons, Thayer Simmons 3:47
10. When Lightning Strikes Thayer, Stanley Thayer 3:45
11. Say Yeah Stanley Stanley 4:27

Sonic Boom is the 19th studio album of the US hard-rock band Kiss. It was recorded and released in 2009, eleven years after Psycho Circus, the last studio album.

Initially, Kiss showed no interest in a new album, instead, more tours were planned with old song material. In early 2009, the group decided to. The songwriting began in the spring, the rehearsals took place in May and the album was recorded in June 2009. The recordings took place at Conway Studios in Hollywood; Digital was not recorded, but only analogously, to get an “authentic feeling” in the songs. Guest musicians were just as little invited as guest songwriters. The entire new material came from the band members themselves. Keyboards can be found on the LP as well as the otherwise obligatory ballad. Rhythm guitarist, singer and frontman Paul Stanley produced the album. In his view, the band has sometimes lacked something in the past to record the best possible albums, either the chemistry, the cast, or the willingness to give the utmost dedication to each one. That was different this time. Stanley sees it this way: “Before we started on the album, I said that I’m only interested in producing and following some basic rules: total dedication from all of us, pure guitar-driven Kiss sound, not outside Songwriter, not a guest musician and my opinion is the final one. Everyone said yes and we all had so much fun as hardly before. “To finished disc bass guitarist Gene Simmons said the record was the best since Destroyer of 1976, a blend of Rock and Roll Over from 1976 and Love Gun of 1977. In fact, the style of the albums from the 1970s and largely also from the 1980s.

The cover was designed by Michael Doret. He also had already created the ’76 cover for rock and roll over. Both covers have a similar appearance and look alike. The presentation of Sonic Boom shows the lettering of the band and the album name as well as the four faces in comic-like, brightly colored, orange dominated colors. The portrait photos of the band members are edited and alienated, so that the differences between photography and drawing blur. The same applies to the cover inside and the back. The CD itself bears the words Sonic Boom, the two bonus discs, however, are designed simpler.

Sonic Boom appeared both as a conventional single CD, as a special issue CD / DVD box, as well as in a limited version as LP.

In the Special Edition, the second CD of the box is a best-of compilation from August 2007, on which the current cast in Henson Recording Studio in Hollywood re-recorded old pieces. Specifically, these are Deuce, Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Hotter Than Hell, Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun, I Was Made for Lovin ‘You, Heaven’s On Fire, Lick It Up, I Love It Loud, Forever, Christine Sixteen, Do You Love Me, Black Diamond and Rock and Roll All Nite. The songs are not significantly changed, but they are more contemporary, technically rounder and softer produced. Eric Singer interprets Black Diamond, which is traditionally sung by the drummer. The CD was released in Japan in 2008 as a single CD under the name Jigoku-Retsuden.

The DVD consists of recordings from a Kiss Alive / 35 World Tour concert in Buenos Aires in April 2009. These include the classics Deuce, Hotter Than Hell, C’mon And Love Me, Watchin ‘You, 100,000 Years and Rock & Roll All To see Nite. The Special Edition box is sold exclusively in the US via Walmart.

The LP version appeared in the colors purple, red, green, blue and black. Each color version produced 1,000 pieces, which were offered in a gatefold cover that also contained a colored poster. On the inner cover were printed the lyrics of the songs contained on the album. This version of the album was distributed exclusively through the band’s website.