Rock and Roll Over – Kiss Album #5

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. I Want You Paul Stanley Stanley 3:04
2. Take Me Stanley, Sean Delaney Stanley 2:56
3. Calling Dr. Love Gene Simmons Simmons 3:44
4. Ladies Room Simmons Simmons 3:27
5. Baby Driver Peter Criss, Stan Penridge Criss 3:40
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
6. Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Simmons Simmons 3:47
7. Mr. Speed Stanley, Delaney Stanley 3:18
8. See You in Your Dreams Simmons Simmons 2:34
9. Hard Luck Woman Stanley Criss 3:34
10. Makin’ Love Stanley, Delaney Stanley 3:14
Total length: 33:18

Rock and Roll Over was released in 1976, the fifth studio album by the US hard rock band Kiss and their sixth release on the label Casablanca Records.

After the predecessor album produced by Bob Ezrin Destroyer had been the most commercially successful studio album of the group, took for Rock and Roll Over again Eddie Kramer the place at the mixing console. Destroyer had been very radio-oriented produced, Kramer tried at Rock and Roll Over to approach again the rough live sound of the band.

The recordings took place from 13th September to 4th October 1976 at the Star Theater in Nanuet (New York), a venue for 1000-seat concerts, and Kramer took advantage of the space available to him: the members of the band were usually housed on the lowerable stage, which had been driven down. The amplifiers were then positioned in the direction of the outgoing corridors in order to be able to record a natural reverberation. In addition, individual musicians of the group were housed in different rooms depending on the sound needs and connected by video to the control room. This went so far that drum recordings took place in a toilet room.

Recording microphones were distributed throughout the theater, even in the seat row 30, so far from the stage, sound recordings were made. By strictly separating the recording areas, a completely clean soundtrack could be recorded for each instrument, which had recorded no noise from other instruments, although the members of the group played live, ie simultaneously, during recording.

Rock and Roll Over was the first and only original Kiss studio album recorded with lead guitarist Ace Frehley not involved in the songwriting of the released titles. However, a title had been provided for him, in which he should give his debut as a lead singer: Queen for a Day – but when the vocals should be recorded, Frehley renounced. Queen for a Day was therefore preserved as an instrumental on the master tapes, the song was not released.

The title Hard Luck Woman had been written by Paul Stanley, who wished that Rod Stewart would be interested in singing him. Ultimately, the group exploited the song itself and let Peter Criss take over the vocals.

The cover of the album was drawn by Michael Doret, who also drew the cover for Sonic Boom in 2009. The inner cover was completely in black and showed a diamond-shaped Kiss logo. In addition to the record, it contained a questionnaire from the Kiss Army (the group’s fan club), a sheet of t-shirt, belt buckle, and other merchandise items, as well as a large square sticker with the cover art deductible in sections, allowing individual ones Elements of the motif could be stuck in different places.

Rock and Roll Over was released in the United States on November 1, 1976, in Germany ten days later. Singles were Hard Luck Woman (December) and later Calling Dr. Love (March 1977), both of which reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 – but with the help of the usual tricks: Via Payola Casablanca Records influenced the design of the charts to achieve the effect that the band after the chart success of Single Beth also had the substance to deliver more hits.