Monster – Kiss Album #20

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. Hell or Hallelujah Paul Stanley Stanley 4:07
2. Wall of Sound Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer Simmons 2:55
3. Freak Stanley, Thayer Stanley 3:35
4. Back to the Stone Age Simmons, Stanley, Thayer, Eric Singer Simmons 3:01
5. Shout Mercy Stanley, Thayer Stanley 4:04
6. Long Way Down Stanley, Thayer Stanley 3:51
7. Eat Your Heart Out Simmons Simmons 4:06
8. The Devil Is Me Simmons, Stanley, Thayer Simmons 3:40
9. Outta This World Thayer Thayer 4:29
10. All for the Love of Rock & Roll Stanley Singer 3:21
11. Take Me Down Below Simmons, Stanley, Thayer Simmons, Stanley 3:24
12. Last Chance Stanley, Simmons, Thayer Stanley 3:05
Total length: 43:39

Monster is the 20th studio album of the US hard-rock band Kiss. It was recorded in 2011 and released on October 5, 2012 in Europe, in the United States on October 9, three years after the previous studio album.

The success of the 2009 released album Sonic Boom and the subsequent world tour inspired the group to record and release another album.

While “Sonic Boom” was recorded before the digital editing with Pro Tools in the analog method, ie on audio tapes, was for “Monster” a special digital recording method used. The reason for the system change was the fact that in the purely analog recording longer breaks for the dubbing of the recordings to Pro Tools system were created, which cost money in addition to the required time. Therefore, the producers opted for the system “CLASP” (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor), which had been developed by the company Endless Analog. The system combines the sonic advantages of analog tape machines with the ease of editing and mixing digital audio workstations.

On April 8, 2011, the group began the preparations for the recordings, on April 13, began studio work in the Conway Studios in Los Angeles. The songs written by the individual members for the album were first rehearsed together before the band started recording the title. During the recording, all four members of the group were always present and worked together on the respective tasks. The production of the album was, as with Sonic Boom, Paul Stanley, who assisted Greg Collins. Stanley had all the responsibility for the production: He selected the titles to use, he determined how to work in the studio, and he did not allow outsiders to write songs. The finished album should contain 10 titles, other songs were intended as bonuses for further releases (eg maxi singles or similar). It was planned to release the album without a ballad. The title, Monster, was officially announced on August 21, 2011.

Although the album was largely completed at the turn of the year 2011/2012 and a release for the early summer of 2012 was scheduled, postponed the release date repeatedly and was finally set in Germany on 5 October 2012. In advance, the single Hell or Hallelujah was released on July 2, 2012; in the US, it appeared on July 3, 2012. As a distributor for single and album, the group was able to win the company “Universal Music Enterprises” (UMe). On October 3, 2012 were heard on the music streaming service SoundCloud with Long Way Down and All For The Love Of Rock And Roll two more songs of the album before the launch.

The release of the album took place on 5 October 2012. Already in September 2012, samples of the songs contained in the album were made available in various European iTunes stores, but not yet in Germany. The band’s manager, Doc McGhee, announced another single release and a “monster campaign” for October 2012 at an event hosted by the “Society of Leaders in Development” in Nashville on September 4, 2012.

The album was offered in different versions worldwide. In addition to the standard edition on CD, there was a limited edition with three-dimensional Coverfoto, as further versions were a record and a download offered. The latter contained a bonus track with Right Here Right Now. In the US, the album was offered as a so-called “zinepak” along with a magazine, and in Canada, along with the CD, featured a coupon for a one-year membership of the band’s fan club, the Kiss Army, as well as a 3D sticker with the cover photo of the band album.