Creatures of the Night – Kiss Album #10

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. Creatures of the Night Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell Stanley 4:02
2. Saint and Sinner Gene Simmons, Mikel Japp Simmons 4:50
3. Keep Me Comin’ Stanley, Mitchell Stanley 3:55
4. Rock and Roll Hell Simmons, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance Simmons 4:11
5. Danger Stanley, Mitchell Stanley 3:54
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
6. I Love It Loud Simmons, Vinnie Vincent Simmons 4:15
7. I Still Love You Stanley, Vincent Stanley 6:06
8. Killer Simmons, Vincent Simmons 3:19
9. War Machine Simmons, Adams, Vallance Simmons 4:14

Creatures of the Night is the tenth studio album of the US hard-rock band Kiss, released in 1982. This LP was – together with the compilation album released a few months earlier Killers – a break in the musical history of the group, partly because it was the last album before the demaskation phase of the musicians acted. Critics considered the work to be one of the musically most successful albums of the band. It got the gold status.

With the album Dynasty kiss 1979 for the first time departed from their original line. Because this and the 1980 published follow-up album Unmasked were characterized by the then strong, the music sector largely dominant disco wave end of the 1970s. This interim phase lasted about two years and was replaced in 1981 by a one-year phase, which is considered a musical disaster. In that year, the group introduced the concept album Music from the Elder, which was a kind of fantasy rock and played on the fanfare and symphonic orchestra music an essential role. Although the album received good reviews, the music had, however, so far away from the original Kiss sound that the album with the followership is considered a nadir and a commercial failure.

These two intermediate phases followed in 1982 a radically radical and radical change of direction towards the original Hard Rock. The 1982 released mix of compilation and studio album Killers hinted at this already. The material used there for the four new songs had the band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons written at the same time as the material for the follow-up to the follow-up album Creatures of the Night, with the kiss back with loud, rhythmic, bass and guitar -red Hard Rock ,

The album was the last time that lead guitarist Ace Frehley was an official member of the band. In fact, he had not played on the album. The lead guitar parts on the LP took over other musicians, including his immediate successor Vinnie Vincent. Also featured on the album Bob Kulick, Robben Ford, Adam Mitchell, and Steve Farris (Eddie Money, Mr. Mister) as a guitarist with. Robben Ford said in an interview in 2013, he had recorded the solos of the songs Rock and Roll Hell and I Still Love You for the album and had been in a total of nine recording days with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in the studio.

Also, many outside artists were involved in the songwriting: Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance were involved, Vinnie Vincent wrote under his real name three pieces with Paul Stanley. Eric Carr almost single-handedly recorded the title Do not Leave Me Lonely, played bass and rhythm guitar in addition to drums, took over the lead vocals and the backing vocals – but the song was rejected and did not land on the album. Instead, co-author Bryan Adams recorded the song and released it with slightly edited text on his album Cuts Like a Knife. [6] Other titles that were not used for the album were Betrayed and ‘Back On The Streets’, both by Vinnie Vincent, and the titles It’s My Life and Legends Never Die, released in 1984 on the album W.O.W. by Wendy O. Williams landed.

Singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley said the album showed what the band could really do. He thinks it’s great, so that the band has reclaimed their status. After this LP, as individuals and as a band, they suddenly knew exactly what they wanted. In the record, the band wanted to free themselves from any remnants of the disaster to Music from the Elder. The album was heavy, but not as far as the music was concerned, but in terms of attitude and determination. Already on this album he wanted to omit the make-up, but bassist Simmons was against it. Stanley said that the band had no right to exist anyway, had they not made it without make-up and had success.

Bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons noted that the band has finally seen this album focus on what they do best. They had gone to great lengths in songwriting, the band had been a real unit and everyone had been firmly grounded with both feet. The record sounded like Kiss, but they had been a new band because they had two new members in their ranks.

Producer Michael James Jackson described that Kiss and he met after The Elder. At that time it seemed to him that Kiss was “quite confused” with regard to the music. Kiss had been so successful in the past that they, and especially Gene, should have been very disappointed when The Elder was suddenly not so well received as the previous albums. It had seemed to him as if her career had come to a standstill. At that time, most of the big rock ‘n’ roll bands were more oriented towards melodic songs. He wanted to help them solve the problem and tried to get them to abandon old habits, rather than concentrating on the melody and the songs themselves, rather than the attitude and performance. While no one had yet managed to copy Kiss’s amazing theatrical live performance, it was clear that it was time to record a completely different album. Kiss also wanted to try other alternatives, because they were aware that Kiss’s tried and tested recipe for success did not work anymore. Kiss and he had tried to build something and had been determined to help the band regain their identity and capture their true spirit. At the same time they started working on the Creatures LP during the shootings for Killers. He wanted to help them get back to where they used to be. With Killers was the beginning made, but he think that they would have really made it only with Creatures.

The album is dedicated to Neil Bogart, who died on May 8, 1982 at the age of only 39 years of cancer. Bogart, along with Bill Aucoin, Kiss manager from 1973 to 1982, was part of the band’s inner circle. He was the founder of Casablanca Records, the record company that released the first Kiss albums, one of the most important people and supporters of the group’s career.

Although critically acclaimed by the critics, and the band even consider it one of the top three today, it has not reached the top ten in any country despite gold status. In the United Kingdom it was ranked 22, in Germany only 42nd place and in the US 45th place.

The releases were I Love It Loud and the opening song Creatures of the Night. Both songs were disappointing internationally. I Love It Loud came in Australia in 76th place and in the US only ranked 102th Creatures of the Night reached only in the United Kingdom in 34th place.