Asylum – Kiss Album #13

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. King of the Mountain Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Desmond Child Stanley 4:17
2. Any Way You Slice It Gene Simmons, Howard Rice Simmons 4:02
3. Who Wants to Be Lonely Stanley, Child, Jean Beauvoir Stanley 4:01
4. Trial By Fire Simmons, Kulick Simmons 3:25
5. I’m Alive Stanley, Kulick, Child Stanley 3:43
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
6. Love’s a Deadly Weapon Stanley, Simmons, Rod Swenson, Wes Beech Simmons 3:29
7. Tears Are Falling Stanley Stanley 3:55
8. Secretly Cruel Simmons Simmons 3:41
9. Radar for Love Stanley, Child Stanley 4:02
10. Uh! All Night Stanley, Child, Beauvoir Stanley 4:01

Asylum is Kiss’s thirteenth studio album and the first to feature guitarist Bruce Kulick as a member of the group.

Kiss had several problems since 1982 to compensate for the departure of their original lead guitarist Ace Frehley: his direct successor, Vinnie Vincent, was fired on March 17, 1984, because he was difficult to fit into the group and the specifications of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons reluctantly or not at all. The album Animalize was recorded on guitar with Mark St. John, who fell ill during the rehearsals for the following tour of Reiter’s disease. Bruce Kulick helped out and played in all of Europe’s tour’s concerts instead of St. Johns. On the following US tour, St. John managed to complete two concerts in full, before he had to give up again. He was released on 7 December 1984. The unforeseeable development of his illness was ultimately decisive for the decision to take this step. Bruce Kulick officially became the band’s guitarist on December 8, 1984, ending the Animalize tour, which ran until March 29, 1985.

Animalize had brought back the success for Kiss: The album reached the top 20 of the Billboard 200, the single Heaven’s On Fire had been successful on the radio and on MTV, the cast with Bruce Kulick had stabilized, and the audience numbers were compared to the Lick It Up tour has grown by 20%.

Simmons and Stanley took on the task of producing the album. As with the previous album, outside songwriters were brought in again, including Desmond Child, who had written with Paul Stanley already the hit I Was Made for Lovin ‘You and also participated in Heaven’s On Fire.

Paul Stanley also edited the cover, assigning colors to the band members, with his and Simmons’ colors matching the background color of their 1978 solo albums; Simmons lips were red, Stanley’s purple. Kulick’s lips were given a blue tone (corresponding to Frehley’s solo album background), and drummer Eric Carr got the color green, analogous to Peter Criss.

Simmons wrote Any Way You Slice It with Howard Rice, who later wrote the title New Attitude for Patti LaBelle. Love’s a Deadly Weapon is a title that was created in 1980 when songwriting for the successor to Unmasked in the studio of Ace Frehley and was rejected in favor of the title for Music from the Elder.

Asylum appeared on September 16, 1985; as a single Tears Are Falling was released, she reached # 51 on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, a video clip was released for single, two more songs were video clips shot: Who Wants To Be Lonely and Uh! All night.