Animalize – Kiss Album #12

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire) Paul Stanley, Desmond Child Stanley 3:52
2. Heaven’s on Fire Stanley, Child Stanley 3:21
3. Burn Bitch Burn Gene Simmons Simmons 4:42
4. Get All You Can Take Stanley, Mitch Weissman Stanley 3:44
5. Lonely Is the Hunter Simmons Simmons 4:28
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
6. Under the Gun Stanley, Eric Carr, Child Stanley 4:01
7. Thrills in the Night Stanley, Jean Beauvoir Stanley 4:21
8. While the City Sleeps Simmons, Weissman Simmons 3:41
9. Murder in High-Heels Simmons, Weissman Simmons 3:52

Animalize is the group’s 12th studio album, released in 1984, and the only one on which guitarist Mark St. John played.

After a pop-oriented phase in the late 1970s / early 1980s, Kiss had to dismiss her drummer Peter Criss and found a strong replacement with Eric Carr. The first studio album recorded with him, Music from the Elder, flopped, however, so that the group did not even go on tour. In this low phase of her career, lead guitarist Ace Frehley, who disagreed with his position in the band and felt left out of many decisions, also decided to leave the band, although work on the follow-up album Creatures of the Night had already begun. As a replacement, Vinnie Vincent was presented, who played after Frehleys departure on the Creatures of the Night tour and recorded with Kiss in 1983, then the album Lick It Up. In this time, the decision was made to part with masks and costumes, and the group appeared on September 18, 1983 for the first time without make-up in front of the cameras of MTV. After the end of the relatively unsuccessful Lick It Up tour in March 1984 (an average of 5052 visitors came to each concert) Vinnie Vincent had already been released. After a recommendation from Grover Jackson, the owner of Jackson Guitars, Mark St. John became the group’s new guitarist.

Animalize was recorded in June and July 1984 at the Right Track Studios in New York, as guest musicians were Jean Beauvoir, Bruce Kulick and Allen Schwartzberg. Beauvoir played bass on the titles “Get All You Can Take,” “Under The Gun,” and “Thrills In The Night,” as Gene Simmons was not available throughout the recordings: He worked as an actor on the movie Runaway – Spinning the Todes (1984), starring Tom Selleck and based on a screenplay by Michael Crichton. Kulick contributed the solos to “Murder In High Heels” and “Lonely Is The Hunter”.

Animalize appeared on record, MC and CD on September 13, 1984, and became Kiss’s most successful album of the 1980s. It was the first album since Dynasty (1979), which reached the top 20 on the Billboard charts, even at Cashbox, it took the same position. As a single, “Heaven’s on Fire” was released, the title reached # 49 on the Billboard Hot 100 and kept 10 weeks in the charts.

Mark St. John fell ill during the rehearsals for the following tour of Reiter’s disease and was replaced at the concerts of the Animalize tour in Europe, which took place from 30 September 1984 to 5 November 1984, by Bruce Kulick. When Kiss returned to the US, St. John took part in the tour, which began on November 15, 1984, but was also represented here by Bruce Kulick, watching the concerts from the stage side or the auditorium. Only at the concert in Baltimore on November 27, 1984, he was able to perform for the first time ever with Kiss. St. John also played in the next two concerts, and in each case the entire show, but had to be completely replaced on December 2, 1984 in Indianapolis again completely by Bruce Kulick. St. John accompanied the band in the first week of December 1984, but received his resignation on December 7, 1984 and was sent home. The unpredictable development of his illness was ultimately crucial for the decision to fire him.